• Maximizing Your Use of WordPress Tags

    WordPress tags are very important and are similar to your categories, only they’re not necessarily there for navigation purposes. They’re more for sorting posts according to topics and identifying your content for search engines and visitors with keywords and phrases. […]

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  • Tips for WordPress Image Management

    Adding images to your blog makes it come alive. No one wants to land on a content only site – it’s boring! So adding images helps break up the text and it adds appeal to your site for visitors. Whenever […]

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  • Creating a WordPress Blog

    Creating a WordPress blog can seem daunting when you contemplate doing it off of the official WordPress site where you simply point and click your way through the options until it’s published. There are technical installation steps to intimidate you, […]

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The search feature is one of the most important element of any website. With this, people can find for what they’re really looking for through your site, instead of just getting the information from the links you gave them, such […]

standard What Can WordPress Plugins Do For You?

The function of WordPress has opened up endless possibilities recently, taking it to a new level no longer limited to a blog site. With a huge range of WordPress plugins already available, and many more being added constantly, website owners […]

standard How To Eliminate WordPress Blog Comment Spam

One of the most serious problems with any blogging system, including WordPress, is that the comments area is wide open to that scourge of the Internet, spammers. In this case, it’s comment spam. Comment spam is created by people seeking […]

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standard The Importance of a WordPress Category

Whenever you make a new post on your WordPress blog, you have the opportunity to categorize it. Some people don’t bother, but SEO experts will tell you this is a big mistake. To add a new category, you can do […]

standard How to Install WordPress

In order to start your new blog, you’ll need to first have a domain name and hosting account. Some people simply register a WordPress blog on WordPress.com but the problem with that is that you’re then at the mercy of […]

standard WordPress Page Versus Posts

As far as content goes, you can create pages or posts (or both) in your new WordPress blog. There are some differences. Let’s start with creating a landing page on WordPress and then move onto the management of the other […]

standard WordPress SEO Tips

Many online entrepreneurs develop a blog presence online because they’ve heard about the search engine appetite for blog content. And it’s true – Google and other search platforms like frequent content often provided by blog entities. But creating a blog […]

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standard The WordPress Plugin Repository

WordPress is a great open-development community that encourages its users to innovate. But a few years ago, it started getting hard to keep up with those innovations. That’s when the WordPress Plugin Repository was born (currently hosted at http://WP-plugins.org). The […]

standard Web Design Made Easy Using WordPress

Creating a good-looking website doesn’t have to be hard. With the advent of WordPress and other blogging platforms, you can have a website on the Internet in just a few hours. We are going to discuss how you can do […]

standard Best WordPress Plug Ins

A plug in for your WordPress blog is like a little tweak to make your blog perform better (in some cases) or do something an ordinary blog can’t do. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have different needs for plug ins than […]

standard Free Versus Premium WordPress Theme

Once your WordPress blog is installed on your domain, you’ll begin the job of customizing it for your business. You don’t want to leave the default theme intact – it looks unprofessional. So now you have a choice – do […]

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standard What to Include in Your WordPress Sidebar

A sidebar shouldn’t be random clutter that you use to fill up white space. In fact, many bloggers (and their readers) love the crisp, clean layout of content with white space cradling it on either side. But you can’t ignore […]

standard WordPress Header Tutorial

A WordPress blog theme can be customized with your very own header options. You might have someone professionally design a header for you or plug in a template header you got free or paid for as part of a package. […]

standard WordPress Video Embed Tutorial

These days, blogs are far from the boring text only sites they were in the past. Now they are multi media entities, and the hottest media format you can use right now is video! Now even if you’re not familiar […]

standard WordPress Widget Options

Whenever you install a new blog, and you look at it, you’ll notice that the sidebar has some default items in it. Yet when you log into your dashboard and look at the widgets, there’s nothing showing up in the […]