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A WordPress blog theme can be customized with your very own header options. You might have someone professionally design a header for you or plug in a template header you got free or paid for as part of a package.

There are many cool things you can do with headers. To start, let’s go over how to change your header initially. You need to know what size the header is. To get the height and width, go into your theme and right click on the header and choose “inspect element.”

This will open up a section at the bottom of your screen that shows you the height and width of the image. If you choose a header that doesn’t fit, it will throw off the look of your WordPress theme.

You can host the new header on your server. Just log into your cpanel, click on the domain and then on the wp-content folder. Then click on themes, and then the particular theme that you want to alter the header in.

You can click on Images and then headers and upload the new header option that you want to use. Or, if you’re familiar with it, you can alter the header file directly in the themes folder.

There are some other neat things you can do with your WordPress header images. You can install the WP Unique Article Header Image Plugin that will show a different header for every page and post that you create!

This type of header will be static for that particular post or page. It won’t change. But there are also things you can do to rotate the WordPress header while the visitor is still on the page.

You have the ability to set the changing time. So for example, you might set the header to rotate out every 5 or 10 seconds. Some people don’t like this type of rotation because they feel it’s a distraction to the content on their blog, but others enjoy the higher technical appeal of it.

You can do this two ways – use a plugin, such as JS Banner Rotate – or learn how to manually code the WordPress blog to do the job for you. This is a much more intensive operation that could be daunting for the newbie blogger.

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